Sand Castles

by White Trash Black Magic


"Sand Castles" came to me in a lucid dream while crossing the Atlantic Ocean, on my way to Denver.

I fell asleep on the plane, and in my dream I heard a song. I woke myself up and started to write down the lyrics on the first piece of paper I could find.

Arriving late at night in Denver to my new home, I went straight to bed.
Upon waking in the morning, I felt the bed would be better suited in the opposite corner, so I pushed the heavy king sized bed across the room.
Laying underneath the bed was an instrument, an omnichord, and as I picked it up and started to play it, I immediately felt it belonged to the song in my dream.

This is how "Sand Castles" and my band White Trash Black Magic came to happen.

"Sand Castles" cover art consists of double exposured photos of the Colorado prairie and flora, shot in the golden hour.