Group show with Göteborgs Bildverkstad

I'm part of a group show with Göteborgs Bildverkstad at Dergårdsgalleriet in Lerum just outside of Göteborg. I'm showing photography from my project "Dream Sessions", which are portraits of people I've interviewed about dreams. My photo is featured on the poster.
I joined Göteborgs Bildverkstad this past summer and I'm excited to be a part of this show! It's up until January 23.


Fira juldagen med mig och Koloni!

Jag dj:ar på Eli's Corner ikväll tillsammans med Christian Pallin, Hanna Eliasson, och Jörgen Andersson. Blir en Koloni julspecial! Kom dit och häng! ✨ Poster: Hanna Eliasson.


Me too

I am grateful for all you brave women/nonbinary coming forward with your stories about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. Thank you ❤  #metoo


Konsten att (bok)klubba - Ladyfest Göteborg

Ladyfest Göteborg is hosting a feminist book party this Saturday 30 September, and in collaboration with Fanny Spång I made this animation ad for the event. There will be a feminist quiz, a book trade table, an exhibition by the fantastic Malin Granroth (who by the way will donate all her profit from selling prints to the organisation Ingen Människa Är Illegal) as well as Julia Hansen, and awesome dj's Hip Hop Stan. Don't miss out!